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Begin an analysis by selecting one of the tools in the left-hand menu (one of EA, LRB, SCCS, or WNAI) and Execute it. You can explore these datasets further by modifying the variables used for the analyses. For more information about using this gateway, including how to select variables for the individual analyses, please visit the Visual Manual for CoSSci and the Dow-Eff functions in R.

How-tos and guides

How to share histories. The screencast shows how to share histories and how to access histories shared by other user.

Download the screencast directly

Recorded presentations

Complex Social Science Gateway: High Performance Computing for Anthropology and the Social Sciences
Society for Applied Anthropology, 74th Annual Meeting, 2014

Related Project: Global Jukebox

Alan Lomax's clickable Global Jukebox YouTube portrays many indigenous dances of the Ethnographic Atlas cultures. A CoSSci designer collaborated with Lomax in moving his expressive culture dataset to PCs. We hope to include the expressive culture dataset in CoSSci in the future.

This project uses compute resources provided by the NSF XSEDE project. -->