Tool: DEf01f
Name:DEf01f Map
Created:May 26, 2015
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Tool Standard Output:stdout
Tool Standard Error:stderr
Tool Exit Code:0

Input Parameter Value
Dataset LRB
Dummy variables
Dependent variable nomovS11
Independent variables in restricted model bio.2,bio.4,mnnpp,lcoklm,mnnppSq
Independent variables in UNrestricted model bio3,bio.6Sq,bio.17Sq,latitude,et,bt,reven,cvrain,rrange,sdalt,meanalt
Exogenous variables
Additional variables to consider nomov
Name dx$nomovS11
Definition dx$nomovS11<-rep(NA,length(dx$nomov));index<-(dx$grppat==1) & (dx$subsp==1);dx$nomovS11[index]<-dx$nomov[index]
Distance True
Language True
Ecology False
Stepwise True
Spatial lag False
Box-Cox False
Full set False
Variables to Plot

Inheritance Chain

DEf01f Map