Tool: DEf01f
Name:DEf01f h
Created:Dec 20, 2015
Filesize:174.3 KB
Tool Version:
Tool Standard Output:stdout
Tool Standard Error:stderr
Tool Exit Code:0

Input Parameter Value
Dataset SCCS
Dummy variables
Dependent variable v52
Independent variables in restricted model v203,v205,v890,v819,v234,v1913,v663,1260,v278,v704,v13,v14,v603
Independent variables in UNrestricted model v1648,v854,v204,v1732,v872,v281,v590,v628,v933,v54
Exogenous variables
Additional variables to consider
Distance True
Language True
Ecology True
Stepwise True
Spatial lag False
Box-Cox False
Full set False
Variables to Plot

Inheritance Chain

DEf01f h