Tool: LRB
Name:LRB aa
Created:Mar 04, 2014
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Tool Standard Output:stdout
Tool Standard Error:stderr
Tool Exit Code:0

Input Parameter Value
Dependent variable lgatherin
Independent variables in restricted model cmat,cvtemp,elev,perwret,snowac,sucstab2,temp
Independent variables in UNrestricted model nomov,dismov,store,subdiv2,systate3.d2,systate3.d1,lnarea
Exogenous variables
Additional variables to consider hunting,gatherin,fishing,war1,reven
Name dx$lgatherin
Definition dx$gatherin ; dx$lgatherin <- log(dx$gatherin)
Distance True
Language True
Ecology True
Stepwise True
Spatial lag False
Variables to Plot

Inheritance Chain

LRB aa